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The Modern Gallery Valjevo was founded at the end of 1985, on the initiative of the famous painter Ljubo Popović, with the aim of cultivating a specific exhibition approach, thematically dedicated to fiction painting and the spirit of the authentic art group Mediala. She gained a prestigious status at the very top of the domestic art scene through exhibitions of works by the most representative authors in her field.
The gallery has a collection of drawings and paintings by Ljubo Popović, and about a hundred valuable works in the gift collection of artists who exhibited in it. In addition to the current exhibition, Ljuba’s legacy was opened for visitors – a memorial room with a library, personal items and accessories from the studio, transferred from Paris after the painter’s death.
The Modern Gallery Valjevo has the status of a cultural institution of national importance. It is located in the center of Valjevo, next to Valjevo High School, not far from the National Museum.
INTERNATIONAL ART STUDIO, RADOVAN MIĆA TRNAVAC, INTERNATIONAL ART STUDIO The city of Valjevo founded the International Art Studio “Radovan Trnavac Mića” in 1997, which, like hundreds of similar art institutions around the world, has successfully contributed to the idea of ​​uniting peoples and different cultures for over twenty years.
Since its founding, in September 1997, until today, 350 artists from different countries of the world and from all continents have exhibited at the International Art Studio. These artists left the Studio as a gift to 237 representative works of art, which today form one of the most important collections of international art from the end of the twentieth and the beginning of the twenty-first century in the Balkans. These works remain part of the cultural and artistic heritage of Serbia.


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